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Custom installation and tuning.

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Custom engine tuning using the latest software.

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Hello DTP, just wanted too let you know the car is runing great. I took our Snap-On sales man for a ride in it this morning, and he was blown away. I hit it at about a 20mph roll in 2nd gear, and it just fried the tires.

Thank You.
Mark C.


PFADT Racing
Modern Muscle
High Horse Performance
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What is Dyno Tuning?

Dyno Tuning is a scientific process designed to fine tune engine power output.
A dynamometer (Dyno) is the tool used to measure this output. The dyno allows us to perform the proper adjustments to your vehicle without guessing. 
The outcome is a precisely calculated power and torque curve providing increased horsepower, gas mileage, engine response, and overall performance.