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Corvette C6 - z06 Modifications PDF Print E-mail

Corvette C6 - Z06

We will make your Vette sing!

First of all, congrats are in order for being a proud owner of the coveted Corvette!

Now let's talk about modding it a bit shall we?

We've turned out several 500+ rwhp LS7's with just a CAI, full exhaust and custom DTP tune with HP Tuners software.

If boost is what you are looking for however, then you may be interested in a new LS7 ProCharger kit.

The new HO Intercooled ProCharger Tuner Kit for 2006-2007 GM LS7 Z06 Corvettes produces 700+ crankshaft horsepower on stock motors running pump gas. This system includes the industry standard P-1SC-1 ProCharger with patented self-contained oiling and billet impeller, a highly effective air-to-air intercooler system, and OEM quality brackets and installation hardware. The ProCharger supercharger and brackets are provided with polished finish standard. This product is complete with the exception of fuel injectors and tuning, both of which can be provided by us.

In addition to the largest power gains and coolest charge air temperatures, this bolt-on ProCharger kit also features the quickest and least costly installation of any forced induction system. A variety of pulleys and boost levels are available for safe operation on stock and modified LS7 motors.

Thanks to industry leading technology, at the same boost level a ProCharger kit can produce more power at the rear wheels than other supercharger systems produce at the crankshaft.

  • 587 RWHP, 4.5 psi, ProCharger P-1SC-1, stock LS7 
  • 622 RWHP, 6 psi, ProCharger P-1SC-1, stock LS7
  • 820 RWHP, 14.5 psi, ProCharger F-1C, modified LS7
2005-09 Corvette HO Intercooled Tuner W/ Polished P-1SC-1 2005-09 Corvette HO Intercooled Tuner W/ Polished P-1SC-1 $6 079.99

Higher boost levels available with P-1SC-1, and D-1SC also available as upgrade to P-1SC-1.
The F-1C is a custom application for the LS7 Z06, for modified motors only.

Updated ( Monday, 30 March 2009 )
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