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hemitb.jpgDid some testing on Modern Muscle TB's and their Stage 2 ported intake on my personal 2006 SRT8 recently.

The car has a HHP Stage 1 cam, JLT CAI, Stock heads, completely stock exhaust and our custom DTP tune of course!

The only thing that sucks about my car is the heavy 22" power robbing wheels, but none the less this intake made a huge difference.  That is beauty of customizing vehicles, you can really make them to suit your needs and tastes. It makes it well worth getting some good car or van insurance too, to protect all the detailed work that went into your mobile piece of art! You'd better look into that.

Check out my dyno results...

The dynograph (.001) shows the car's baseline, completely stock.  381rwhp and 378 rwtq.
Dyno run .037 has the HHP Stg 1 cam, Airaid CAI, MM 85mm TB, heavy 22" wheels, completely stock exhaust and custom DTP tune. 428 rwhp and 418 rwtq. 

When I installed the 85mm TB, I picked up about 7rwhp and then, with the new 87mm TB I picked up an additional 7rwhp over the 85mm TB, all with NO tuning.

Graph run #054 is with the MM Stg 2 intake manifold, HHP Stg 1 cam, JLT CAI, MM 87mm TB, 22" wheels and DTP custom tune. 439 rwhp and 438 rwtq.

*The car was cooled down on all runs for peak numbers.

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Updated ( Wednesday, 20 January 2010 )
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