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DTP Custom Tune, JLT Cold Air, SCT X3 for 05+ Mustang PDF Print E-mail

DTP + JLT + SCT = More Power for your 05+ Pony


"Typical" Gains in a manual tranny car from the JLT CAI and a custom DTP tune are 35-40 rwhp and 30-35 rwtq using 93 octane.
Your results may vary depending fuel, trans type and octane level.

If you've recently purchased a 2005-2008 Mustang (S197) and are still running stock programming and air intake, then this is the perfect way to enhance your Mustang's driveability and overall performance.

Starting with the intake, the first thing most people do is upgrade the air intake and mass air flow sensor. 'Let your pony breathe' so to speak,  and why not get the best one out there on the market today.  5.0 Mustang and Super Fords did a comparison on Cold Air Intake's for the new Mustang recently and guess who came out the winner .  Jay Tucker from JLT, right here in Chesapeake.

In order to utilize the better breathing your next step is to get yourself a handheld tuner allowing you to interface with the on-board PCM of your vehicle via the OBDII port.  The beauty being all of the great things we are then able to do with the parameters of your car's computer.  There are quite a few exceptional enhancements that one notices immediately after a PCM re-tune, including a much more responsive drive-by-wire system.

Enter the SCT.
The SCT Xcalibrator 3 is the premier hand held for the 2005-2008 Mustang. Storing multiple tunes for your car, you can have an 93 octane, 87 etc... Plus the stock program is kept as well allowing you to return it to Ford specs.

Our price for this package has two options to choose from.

The first is $569.00 +tax and shipping and it comes with two different DTP Custom tunes specifically optimized for maximum gains with the JLT Cold Air kit:


  • 87 Octane
  • 93 Octane

The Second option is $599.00 +tax and shipping for the same DTP Custom tunes but not only specifically optimized for the JLT Cold Air Intake but also customized to your current modifications, ie... longtubes, IMRC delete plates, UD Pullies etc...

To order this JLT CAI, SCT X3, DTP Custom tune package from our online store just click here.

2005+ Mustang-SCT X3, JLT Cold Air Intake, DTP Custom Tune 2005+ Mustang-SCT X3, JLT Cold Air Intake, DTP Custom Tune $599.00

Updated ( Wednesday, 06 August 2008 )
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