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Just wanted to let everyone know that we are now carrying a full line of superchargers including:

ASM (Dodge/Chrysler)
Callaway (Corvette)
Ford Racing
GS Motorsports (Dodge/Jeep)
Greddy (Celica/Scion)
HKS (Nissan)
HPS (Mercedes)
Magnacharger (Ford, GM, Hummer)
Nuespeed (VW)
PES Tuning (Audi/ VW)
Powerworks (Ford Trucks)
RK Sport (GM)
Roush (Ford)
Saleen (Ford)
TRD (Toyota)
VF Engineering (BMW, Mazda, VW)

Give us a call and we'll get you the BEST price possible.

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Jagermeister - Any Twin Turbo Setups? Registered | 2007-06-22 19:24:19
I see that you are expanding your supercharger line. Do offer any twin turbo setups for a C-5 Vette?
bobbyjr - ram Registered | 2007-09-06 12:16:34
avatar waiting on info about the programs for the superchargeron dodge rams
DTPracing - TT for Corvette Super Administrator | 2007-11-13 07:41:15
avatar We just finished installing a APS TT on a 03 Z06. Very nice kit and huge power. You can also check out HP Performance
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