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DTP now has 05-up Mustang Procharger kits in stock.
Just a quick note to all of you 05-up Mustang guys and girls, Dyno Tuned Performance is now the local Procharger dealer. We have 05-up Mustang kits in stock.

Polished and Satin finishes.

If you haven't started modding your car yet with bolt ons, give us a call. We have a number of customers that purchased all of the non power adder bolt ons ( U/D pullies, Motion charge delete plates, LT headers, high flow cats, Cold air intakes, etc.), then decided that wasn't enough power and ended up removing the parts that weren't compatible with a s/c system ( Cold air intakes, U/D pullies, etc) and purchasing a s/c kit.

Although the initial expense is a little higher, it is not as much as you might think! Once you start adding up all of the "bolt on" parts costs and install costs to make 330 rwhp vs. just putting on a s/c and making over 400 rwhp, the s/c kits start looking like more of a bargain.

If you are interested or have any questions, please give us a call.

Thanks for your continued patronage.

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