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Image Dyno Tuned Performance is now dealer for Piloti Driving/Racing shoes.  DTP has just signed on to be the eastern VA. Piloti Shoes dealer.  Here's a little background for those of you that are not familiar with the Piloti brand.

PILOTI is Italian for "Racing Drivers"
Kevin A. Beard, founder and CEO of Piloti, is a passionate racing and car culture enthusiast and seasoned athletic footwear designer. After more than a decade designing shoes for some of the top athletic companies in the world, he recognized that something was missing. Using his background in footwear biomechanics, he created an authentic car culture brand by designing the Piloti patented Roll Contoll heel technology: a major advancement in driving shoe performance.

Pilotis timeless designs are inspired by motorsports and car culture. They use high quality suedes and leathers, Nomex fire-resistant linings, re-inforced heel & toe areas, tough double row stitching, and an outsole reminiscent of 50's racing tire tread patterns. By combining racing heritage with bold technological innovations, Piloti provides a competitive advantage to many of today's top drivers and unique style to enthusiasts.

There are 13 lines of Piloti shoes in various colors.
Stop by Dyno Tuned Performance and check them out or go to the DTP online store and order them from there.
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