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Hey guys,
Just wanted to offer up some info and see if we're in line with others.
ImageWe had a 06 Z06 come in w/ 3k miles, the car baselined at 449 rwhp and 420 rwtq, we installed American Racing LT's w/ high flow cats, kept stock cat back.

Without tuning, the car picked up 10 rwhp across the board until peak where at 62k it matched the 450 rwhp and picked up 18-20 rwtq until 6k where it layed over baseline.

With tuning via LS Edit, we ended up making 480.6 rwhp and 460 rwtq.
Tthe torque picked up 40 lbft from 2k to 5500 then 20-22 lbft from there out. hp from 2k to 3500 picked up 20, then the gains came on strong, at 5k we picked up 50rwhp over the baseline pulls and 30 at the peak, 6200 and dropped off to 465 at 7k.

Awesome engine and numbers for a N/A car. These are higher than the numbers we're seeing on s/c 05+ mustangs.
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