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    We Take the Guesswork Out of Tuning!
    The guys at DTP know what it means to get it right the first time. Check out some of the feedback from our recent projects below.
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Get Tuned


Maximum Horsepower!

ECU Tunes from:

  • Increase Horsepower and Torque.
  • Smooth out your shift points.
  • Optimize Air to Fuel ratios.
  • Modify Rev Limiters
  • Toggle Traction Control Systems.
  • Switch to stock tune at any time.

Custom Installs


Ultimate Customization

We want to be involved with your next customization project.  Be it motor, body, exhaust, brakes, drive-line, or suspension, we do it right, no guessing, ever!
DTP has proven itself in the performance modification business since 2002. Combined, our staff sports more than 50 years experience.

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