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DTPís forums were established in 2005 to create a friendly environment for car enthusiasts to interact in laid back, family-orientated environment. In order to foster this friendly interaction and create an environment where ALL enthusiasts feel comfortable posting and hanging out, we have created a set of rules and guidelines which all members are required to follow. These rules are general in nature, as it is impossible to spell out every possible offense that may result in a thread being locked, deleted, or edited. Anytime a rule is broken, a moderator may officially notify the member of the transgression. You may receive a "warning" for whatever rule was broken. The warnings will come to you as a PM (Private Message) or an e-mail. It will notify you of the moderator that issued the warning/ban, the date, time, and the post content that broke the rule. Any repeat offense to the same "Warning" may get board access restrictions (bans) placed on the offending Member ID.
  • Spamming or business advertisements by businesses are not allowed. Threads or PMs determined to be "spam" will be deleted or forwarded to the administration, this type of posting could possibly result with privileges to our board restricted or denied without notice. Lottery schemes being advertised on this board are considered spam. Excessive advertisement of other "for profit" forums is also considered spam, and will be dealt with accordingly. Soliciting for members of this site to go and join another site is also considered a form of spam. Mentioning another site for reference or as an information source is acceptable but direct solicitation aimed at our members to bolster some other sites membership is inappropriate and subject to moderator disciplinary action.
  • Flames or derogatory insults are strictly against the rules. If you disagree with another members point of view, do so in a mature and civil manner. If someone posts to discuss their personal problems or seek help from other forum members, please do not respond unless you have something positive or helpful to add. If you find yourself being flamed or insulted by another member, please do not dignify that person with a response. Notify a moderator and let us handle it. If you feel you must respond to a flame or insult directly, please do NOT do so on the board. Use private messages or e-mail.
  • Threads or replies promoting or expressing intolerant views towards minorities (race, religion, sexual preference, etc.) will not be tolerated.
  • "Trolling", or makings posts with the sole intention of creating problems on the forums is obviously against the forum guidelines. This includes registering an alternate ID for the sole purpose of creating problems on the forums. "Troll IDs" will be locked immediately and permanently, and can be locked without notification to the offender.
  • Threads or replies that do not comply with our guidelines may be locked, edited, or deleted, depending on the nature of the offense. We will make every effort to state why such action was taken via private message, e-mail, and-or moderator reply in the offending thread. For this reason, we ask that you check your private messages often. You can find out whether or not you have received any private messages by logging into your user CP. You can set your options so that the board notifies you when you have received a private message, if you so desire.
  • The above rules and guidelines are necessary to make DTPs forums comfortable and enjoyable for automotive enthusiasts. If you feel you can not comply with the rules above, please refrain from using our boards.
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