2005-up Mustang GT HO Intercooled Tuner Kit w/ P1sc-1

2005-up Mustang GT HO Intercooled System w/ P1sc-1
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2005-up Mustang GT HO Intercooled System w/ P1sc-1

Price: $5 149.99
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Description               HP Gain     Intercooler
8-9 psi w/ P-1SC-1    65-70%     Custom 3 Core
Tuner Kit w/ P-1SC-1   Call         Custom 3 Core
10+ psi w/ D-1SC        Call         Custom 800+ HP

The HO Intercooled ProCharger system for ‘05-‘08 3V Mustang GT’s produces a 70-75% power gain on stock motors running pump gas, with 10 psi of intercooled boost. This means stock motors typically produce 460+ RWHP, and are able to run well into the 11‘s with their standard 3,800 lb loaded weight.

Thanks to the industry's coolest charge air temperatures and largest power gains, no other supercharger system for the '05-'08 GT even comes close. With ATI's patented self-contained supercharger oiling, exclusive dedicated 8-rib drive belt and high performance air-to-air intercooler system, unmatched power is delivered with maximum reliability and relatively simple installation. The HO Intercooled System is 100% complete, with fuel injectors and innovative Diablosport Predator® handheld programmer included. A Stage II system, which is similar to the HO system but is compatible with upgrade to a 12 rib drive system and 800 horsepower intercooler, is also available. Tuner Kits without fuel injectors and handheld programmers are available for both the HO Intercooled and Stage II offerings. For highly modified applications, the Serpentine Race Kit with the F-1A ProCharger features a 12 rib drive and the 800+ horsepower intercooler as standard equipment.





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